Tip 1: How to determine the barcode maker

To select items in the store is not enough to consider it, or try to feel, useful information may be contained on the label.Or rather on the bar code.Bar code - a vertical line, located at a certain standard, and the sequence of numbers underneath.A set of these lines and figures can be seen on almost any product, whether it is food, clothing, household items or appliances.The first bar code found on the packaging of consumer goods in 1975.Today, these signs are 800 000 producers in 94 countries.
Appearance barcode ignorant man nothing to say.In addition to the usual lined rectangle, the bar code can be both narrow and short.Some of the codes and all printed without numbers.Such reductions encodings are allowed, but rather as an exception.Yet most manufacturers strictly adhere to the standard coding system, where each digit includes specific data.
Barcode European standard consists of 13 digits, the first two of which represent the country.The next five - the code of the enterp
rise-producer.The remaining numbers will talk about consumer properties of the goods:

1 - name of the product,

2 - consumer characteristics,

3 - weight,

4 - composition,

5 - the color of the product.Last
digit bar code is used to control and authentication code.
How to determine the barcode maker
To calculate - fake or genuine product before you, enough to hold the usual arithmetic calculations using the numbers of the barcode.Add up the numbers on even ground.They multiply the sum by three.Then add the numbers to odd places, except the last.Now add up the two previous results.From this amount, cut the first digit.The obtained result subtract from 10. You should have a figure equal to the control (the last in the series).If they match - in front of you the original.If not - fake.
Unfortunately, the quality of the product bar code presence does not affect.This label was created exclusively for the producers themselves, not for the consumer.However, inquisitive and attentive consumers could still be calculated on the encoded manufacturer, or rather his country.But even here there may be some difficulty.Country of origin which is written on the label may not match the barcode country, and it does not mean that you have bought a fake.Many companies are producing goods in one country and registered in another or open branches in other countries.
So, look at the first two digits of the barcode.Values ​​producing countries:
- 00, 01, 03, 04, 06 - the United States, Canada;

- 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 - France;

- 40, 41, 42, 43 - Germany;

- 49 - Japan;

- 50 - United Kingdom and Northern Ireland;

- 54 - Belgium and Luxembourg;

- 56 - Portugal;

- 60, 61 - South Africa;

- 64 - Finland;

- 70 - Norway;

- 72 - Israel;

- 73 - Sweden;

- 76 - Switzerland;

- 80, 81, 82, 83 - Italy;

- 86 - Turkey;

- 87 - Netherlands;

- 90, Austria 91;

- 93 - Australia;

- 460 - Russia.
to barcode learn directly manufacturer of the goods, need access to the Internet.Since 1999, there GEPIR - unified information system of global register.Each user on the official site may request information on the bar code decoding.Go to Russia or the home page GEPIR http://gs46.gs1ru.org/GEPIR31/ ) and enter the code you're interested in the product.

Tip 2: How to find a manufacturer

Finding the right manufacturer always a difficult process.It is known that around the world there is a huge number of different factories.How to find a supplier who will be able to provide you with affordable necessary goods?
How to find products
Determine what you want to order the product.To do this, use one of the search engines goods manufacturer m on the Internet (for example, suppliers of Chinese products can be found on Alibaba, Global Sources, Baidu, EC21, Made-in-China).To easily find the data directory of free information you need to know English well.
Formulate clear to product requirements and on the basis of their already start looking for a suitable supplier, comparing it to your wishes.Make sure the manufacturer, which you choose, is a company that can solve any issue, including an advance payment of goods ordered and its delivery.Therefore it is better to first learn the most about the manufacturer and only then enter into an agreement with him.
Contact the manufacturer and make a directory containing advertising product and its description, ask all your basic questions on the phone.Find out what is a supplier: a trading company or factory, what are its capacities, for some profiles the company operates, which produces the quantity of goods with whom cooperates supplies whether the goods in Russia.
Ask for what the scheme is carried out by the manufacturer to work with clients, what is the area of ​​the enterprise, and how many workers engaged in production.Request samples of the basic documents of the manufacturer , including a certificate of registration, trade license and others.With these key points, you will better understand with whom will co-operate in the future and be able to compare what the manufacturer will suit you the most.And never pay in advance for goods, does not see the offer product samples.
Ask advice from your friends who have experience in the selection and purchase of such equipment.Let them help you with the negotiations with the main producer and organization of supplies.
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