One of the best Christmas movies of all time - Oscar-winning picture "It's a Wonderful Life," delivered by Frank Capra in 1946.Hero of the film, which skillfully played James Stewart, countless problems brought to thoughts of suicide.Of course, the sky can not let a good man suffered so much.And a miracle happens.Probably, the painting will seem lengthy, but wait - soon you with all my heart respond to this conflict sentimental, but very human story, and for the finale of the film will experience a real catharsis for the soul becomes lighter and happier.

┬źNoel" (2004) - one more heartfelt and touching picture, the effect of which develops Christmas .The plot is not too intricate and new: it consists of a few stories of people living alone, and in its accident in the fa
mily holiday.But the characters extremely attractive because they believe in a miracle in spite of everything, that to do good, to forgive and to love, in spite of all the difficulties of life.The cast is great: Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Penelope Cruz.

lovers of comedy with a happy look "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2" with charming Macaulay Culkin as mischievous Kevin proves to be a Christmas in the empty house, the frightening, mysterious, huge New York.Festive spirit permeates both films, a unique Christmas atmosphere is transmitted to spectators of all ages, giving them a good mood.

best black Christmas comedy - "Bad Santa" (2003).And not only bad, but also not real.Its main purpose - to rob a department store.Yes, that's the rub: found a boy who believes that before him the fabulous Santa Claus.Drunkard and a thief Willie's nothing to do but to re-start and work miracles.Tons of black humor does not interfere with the film to be a good, easy and a little sad - like all real Christmas story.