Guardianship is made on a child under fourteen years of age or over a person recognized incapacitated.The guardian can be a capable person who has attained the age of majority.When appointing a guardian takes into account the moral and other personal qualities, the ability to perform the duties of a guardian of human as well as take into account the relationship between the caregiver and the family and the person over whom guardianship is made.Expressed a desire to formalize custody citizen must submit to the guardianship required documents:

1. The application for the appointment of a guardian.

2. Certificate of employment, which should be given the position and salary in the last year, and those who do not has an employment relationship, it is necessary to provide another proof of income document.

3. Extract from the house register of

the place of residence or document which confirms the right of tenure.

4. A copy of the account of residence.

5. The medical health certificate properly issued in accordance with the requirements of the guardianship.

6. Help-enforcement bodies of criminal record.

7. A copy of the marriage certificate.

8. The written consent of the guardian of family members who have reached the age of majority, to accept the family of the child or incapacitated person.

9. certificate stating that the housing guardian meets the technical and sanitary standards.

10. Autobiography.

Guardianship for a week from the date of submission of documents examined the living conditions of the trustee, during which reveals the absence of the circumstances stipulated by the Family and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, prevents the issue of guardianship.Guardianship agencies, examining the living conditions of applying for guardianship of a citizen, assess his motivation, personality, living conditions, the ability to be a guardian of the applicant established in the family relationship.Then, within three days from the time of the survey is drawn up survey of living conditions of the potential guardian.On the basis of the submitted documents and survey the guardianship act shall decide on the appointment of a guardian, or refuse to custody, while necessarily have to be the reasons for the refusal.