you need
  • 1. Passport.
  • 2. University diploma or certificate of graduation.
  • 3. Work-book (if any).
  • 4. Help the salary for the last 3 months of work.
  • 5. The certificate of pension insurance.
  • 6. INN.
  • 7. passbook decorated Sberbank.
immediately determine what to say about his situation inspector job exchanges, is not necessary.Put you on the account are required in any case, if the term of your pregnancy is less than 30 weeks.But employers to report it or not - decide.Although the law prescribed no restrictions on the recruitment of pregnant women, HR staff prefer for whatever reason to deny women who are in an interesting position.But if you hide the fact of pregnancy, the reaction of the employer in consequence can not be very optimistic.
How to get up to the Labour Exchange pregnant
To register at the l
abor exchange you need to bring all the necessary documents, the list of which is available from the staff of the organization.The inspector will ask you to write a letter and tell you how many times a week and what hours you will need to be on the stock exchange to list the employers.
Each month you will be paid unemployment benefits amounting to 75% of salary - 1, 2, 3-Month, 60% - 4, 5, 6, 7, and 45% - furthermonths.Note that the maximum size of the grant - 4900 rubles.And what would the salary was not in your previous job, that amount will not be listed.If you do not work at all - the grant will be minimal - 890 rubles.
When the time comes to go on maternity leave (after 30 weeks), you will need to bring a labor inspector exchange certificate from the medical institution where you are registered for pregnancy.Hospital at the labor exchange are not paid, so the monthly transfer to the term of the decree will cease.But to get a little money for child care is still possible.To do this you will need, after the birth of a baby, contact your local department of social protection, and, until the child is one and a half years, you will pay an allowance.
How to get up to the Labour Exchange pregnant
And, most importantly, do not forget about themselves and the future baby.Try to find a job closer to home, arrange a part-time employment.Then you will have time to take a walk in the fresh air, take care of your health, gain strength before a new, complex and responsible, but in a long-awaited step in your life.
How to get up to the Labour Exchange pregnant