you need
  • - phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - information boards in the entrance of the house;
  • - receipt of payment of utility bills;
  • - Single payment processing center;
  • - City telephone directory.
To find these housing and communal services, for which it secured your home, carefully read coming to you a receipt for payment of housing and communal services.Perhaps, any of them you will find the desired phone number or address of the desired organization.
Pay attention to signs with useful phone numbers, quite often located on the front door.Inquire at the janitor cleans in your backyard, or cleaners, washing your entrance.
Since the housing and communal services are usually located in the area for the operation of the houses in which responsible, just ask around the neighbors about where it is located.As a rule, local residents are aware of the whereabouts of the housing department and will be able to give you the address.
Call receiving your administration area, ask to connect you with the deputy chief of housing and communal services.Refine your desired phone at the organization's secretary.
Require the information you need in a single settlement center of the box office (ERKTS) or a single information and billing center (EIRTS), in which you make your monthly utility bills.
Contact REMP (repair and operational municipal enterprise).Address of your home will help you to find him responsible for housing and communal services.
Take advantage of the internet, go to the official website of your city, find the section "Housing and communal services" and call one of the phones presented there.Name your address of residence and ask for the necessary information.
Dial Enquiry Service 09 and ask for a phone service similar to the city's main control department of housing and communal services.Call customer service, check with the operator to which it relates ZhEKu your home.
Try to find the information you need in the city telephone directory.Typically, it contains information about urban services, so you are likely to find the data you need.