From baptism to this day

Tradition impose on the cross was borrowed from Byzantium.The debate about when this prayer gesture was introduced into church use, is still underway, but, according to the testimony of the Roman theologian Tertullian, in the church of II-III century ADit already existed and was used extensively.

Cross overshadow himself in prayer, blessing the food and any other ordinary business.Implicitly cross from right to left gesture meant baptized person is completely true and accepts the doctrine of the Orthodox Church.

meaning of sign of the cross

But there is this movement and other sacred meaning: It is believed that this gesture symbolizes the crucifixion, which Jesus Christ died.Thus, it seems to captures the memory of what happened two t
housand years ago the event.

Despite the fact that two similar denominations (Orthodox and Catholics) do not dispute the importance of the sacrifices they impose the cross in different ways: in Orthodoxy - from right to left, in Catholicism - from left to right.

And if to split the churches in the middle of XI century, Catholics were allowed two methods, after separation and of the Reformation took root last. Orthodoxy accepted baptism from right to left, and bless others - from left to right.This does not contradict the logic when one person blesses the second to the last scheme imposing cross remains the same - from right to left.

baptized right, why?

There are several versions of this discrepancy and correct it imposing Orthodox cross.For example, it is believed that the Orthodox cross in such a way, because the word "right" also means "loyal", that is the next in the right direction.Other

judgment refers to the physiological characteristics of a person that most people on the planet - right-handers and begin all the action is on the right hand.

However, there are those who believe the formal distinction, and not having any relation to serious dogma. Until the mid-17th century.Cross is not only right, but also with two fingers.After the reforms of Patriarch Nikon has imposed the cross with three fingers, symbolizing the Trinitarian nature of God.
Despite the fact that a single proof of the correctness or incorrectness of the imposition of the cross in a certain way there is still no need to respect the tradition of the church and remember: in Orthodox churches cross superimposed on a strictly right to left.