you need
  • standard form F.107 inventory investment, a pen, an envelope with stamps
Inventory investments allow the recipient to know exactly what documents andhow many were sent to him.This eliminates the likelihood of loss or damage of any value in the way.
In order to send a letter with a valuable list of contents, the sender must fill in two copies of a special mail form F-107.The request form can be directly at the post office and fill it should be there.It must be re
membered that the precious letter with a list of attachments sent to open, that is to transfer it into the hands of a postal worker, it should not be sealed.
form in inventory investment indicated postal address and the recipient's name and the name of the enclosed documents, their number and the amount of their assessment, if available.If the value of the attached documents is not specified in the "declared value" shall be marked.After completing an inventory of the sender puts his signature on each form and sends them along with an open letter postal workers.
postal workers, in turn, has to collate a list of investments in both forms, the destination address in inventory and on the envelope, to collate the documents attached to the submitted list.If the investments comply with the inventory list, he puts down stamp postmark on each form, signs and puts them in a form letter.
After sealing valuable letters issued receipt and together with the second instance of the inventory investment is issued to the sender.It must be remembered that the list of contents for checking postal service takes a fee, in addition to the cost of sending a valuable letter.The cost of sending a letter with a list of valuable investments in Russia is very small, but it is preferable to take an additional sum or pre-call to the post office to find out the current tariffs for the service.