Contact your former employer.According to paragraph 31, "Rules of storage and work books, stationery manufacturing employment record and to ensure their employers" in the case of loss this document, you must immediately make a written statement to the employer for the last place of employment.If, before the loss of employment record, you have entered into an employment contract with a new employer, then he will b
e considered the last employer.If you are at a loss were unemployed, it is necessary to apply to the employer prior to the unemployed status.
Upon receipt of your declaration of loss of employment record, the employer, within 15 calendar days shall you issue a duplicate, containing all the general information and (or) continuous years of service to employment to the last employer and operating dataand rewarding (promotions) are made to the labor book given employer.To confirm the total experience you will need to submit all the supporting documents, the only originals.
These documents include:
-prikazy admission, transfer and dismissal;
-trudovye contracts;
-vedomosti confirming payment of wages;
-Other kind of reference, etc.
should be aware that duplicate the work book is brought total length of service without transfers and posts.
If employment history lost employer.The loss of the work book the employer can result in, for example, fire, flood, negligence of employees or even malice.If the loss has occurred because of - the extreme case, the organization created the commission, which includes: a representative of the executive power of the region, where the employer, employer representative, a representative of the trade union organization or labor collective.Recovery time and the issuance of a duplicate of employment record in this case carried out on the basis of documents submitted by an employee.If documents are missing, it can be applied testimony of 2 witnesses.The Commission draws up a report indicating the length of service, which shall be issued on the basis of a duplicate of the work book.
If the employer just lost your employment record, you have the right to bring him to administrative liability to a fine of 1,000 to 5,000 rubles for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities - from 30 000 to 50 000 rublesor the suspension of its activities for a period of up to 3 - months.Even the involvement of the employer liable, not save you from the tape to confirm length of service and obtaining a duplicate work book.