So, if you are a citizen of Belarus, but for one reason or another have decided to acquire Russian citizenship, first of all check whether you can obtain citizenship under the simplified scheme.Conditions are simple:
- Do you have parents or other close relatives (siblings, grandparent and grandchild, even.), Residing on the territory of Russia and its citizens are.
- you were born or lived in Russia until 1991.
- You have been educated in a Russian high schools or secondary vocational schools after July 1, 2002.
- Finally, you at least three years married to a Russian citizen.
If your situation corresponds to at least one point, congratulations!In a short time you can change the Belarusian citizenship for Russian.
documents you can apply in the Russian Em
bassy in Minsk, as well as directly in the department of the Federal Migration Service in Russia in the community.
To successfully obtain Russian citizenship, prepare the following:
- Application for citizenship in a simplified manner.
- birth certificate and passport.And also any document proving exit for permanent residence in Russia.As a rule, this is an ordinary piece of departure.
- also need 3 photos.
- If necessary, be prepared to provide other documents (marriage certificate, information on change of surname, name and patronymic, educational diplomas or proof of kinship).
- In some cases, you may need a certified translation of the documents into Russian.
- And do not forget to pay a state fee in the amount of 2,000 rubles.
with Belarusian citizenship have to say goodbye, writing waived at the stage of filing.
If you do not fall under the simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship, then it is necessary to issue citizenship on a common basis.
To do this you need to issue a residence permit to live in Russia, and 5 years.As a rule, the examination of your question after submitting all the documents will take 1 year.And then finally you will become the owner of a Russian passport.