you need
  • - name of the traffic police department;
  • - the amount of the fine.
for payment of a fine for an offense without a receipt, contact any branch of Sberbank of Omsk.Explain that you need to pay fines for traffic violations.You will be given a special form that you fill out on the model, specifying the necessary details and the amount of the fine.Then fill in the cash money in the amount of a fine and a printed teller receipt.
to pay the fine and get a receipt, please refer to the official website of the STSI of the Omsk region.Site Address: the upper right corner find the field "My penalty."Going into this section, enter your information, and you will be given information on unpaid fines in th
e first half of 2011.Print a receipt with his fine and sign.Now refer to any branch of the Savings Bank of the Omsk and pay the amount of the fine.
If the circumstances are such that from the receipt of the fine has been several months and you have not paid the ticket, the events will develop in the following order.You come in the mail a registered letter containing the decision-receipt of the bailiff.After receiving this letter, please contact your nearest branch of the Savings Bank of Omsk, the receipt of payment for the amount of fines and penalties in the amount of ten percent.Then provide a receipt confirming payment to the bailiff service Omsk, where your case will be closed.If you do not have to personally visit the bailiffs' service, then send the receipt by fax: (3812) 24-48-87.