Tip 1: How to get the title of war veteran in Moscow

approaching closer to the citizen of retirement age, the more his thoughts arise: what benefits from the state, he is entitled to expect.Normal pension currently can not fully meet the needs of the person, so being able to get discounts and privileges to try not to miss.This title as a veteran of labor helps to significantly reduce costs by 50 per cent discount to pay for public services, the possibility of free travel and free spa treatment.
you need
  • - passport;
  • - INN;
  • - employment history;
  • - certificate medaled;
  • - certificate conferring the honorary title.
Do not wait until retirement age.Get the title of "Veteran of labor" can be up to retirement.Collect the following documents: passport, taxpayer identification number, work book, certificate medaled, certificate conferring the honorary title.If there are, bring a copyright certificate on the invention, obtained patents for inventions, certificates for rationalization proposals and other information, which can be taken int
o consideration by the Commission.If you have a medal "In commemoration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow", then calmly go to make out the title of Veteran of Labour.If you do not have prizes, titles or state distinctions in labor, then you still has a chance to become the Veteran difficulty.To do this, the workbook is necessary to have relevant experience: for men - 45 years for women - 40 years.The originals of these documents refer to the Department of Social Protection Department at his residence or at the place of receipt of social benefits.Make a statement conferring the title of "Veteran of labor".
Wait a decision on awarding the title to you.The decision is usually taken on the day of submission of the application.In case of failure you will receive a written justification stating the reasons and the list of the documents submitted.Take advantage of the benefits provided to veterans of labor, you can only after the appointment of a state pension or after reaching the age when given the right to receive old-age pension.For men in 2011, this age - 60 years for women - 55 years.
Refer to the superior organization, if you want to deny the denial of conferring the title.Call your county Department of Social Protection of Moscow by telephone 291-34-78.Here you will consult on the matter and advise what documents are necessary to bring the appeal.

Tip 2: How to reward

to award trophies and medals were not stored in boxes in a mess, you can place them on shelves or walls of the room.So they will be reminded of the joy of every victory and very effectively complement the interior.
How to Book Awards
you need
  • - frame A4;
  • - nails;
  • - a hammer;
  • - wooden boxes with glass door;
  • - varnish, stain, paint on wood;
  • - ready rack or wooden accessories;
  • - blisters;
  • - stationery folder.
Get the scope of a suitable size for the winning design on paper.Typically, they are presented with diplomas, certificates and diplomas A4.Place awards in the frame, bend of the clamp elements.Hammer nails on the wall so that all certificates hung in the strict geometrical order, the level of use and range.Hang awards on the wall.When choosing frames, note the style and color, which is decorated interior.
Construct rack, if you have the need to place a large amount of volume of awards, such as cups and figurines.You can buy a kit and do it yourself, or buy ready-made furniture.Install shelves along one wall, select the height of the shelves, enough to place the winning of various sizes.You can put them in chronological order, by size or by the degree of importance of a particular regalia.On the shelves of the rack, you can lay a napkin, of cardboard to make a commemorative plate bearing the inscription of the year or the place of delivery.
To obtain various awards such as medals, cups, medals or prizes, use small boxes made of wood with a glass front wall.They are sold in furniture stores.Treat the surface of the walls of the stain, varnish or paint suitable color to the interior.Arrange them on the nails on the walls, put into the rewards.This method is good if the distinctions are not very many and they are different sizes.Moreover, under the glass will not collect dust.
Use plastic blisters and folders to design the medals.Select or order manufacturers enclosure with recessed, put the coin in it, add design frame, if you want to hang awards on the wall.You can also place the blisters in special folders.
  • what documents are needed to obtain a veteran labor