Concentrate, try to focus on the desire to turn to the Guardian Angel.Disconnect from the outside world.Remember that an angel - not a man, and he was nowhere to talk about what you want and what are afraid.He knows himself.Nevertheless, try to present your problem, feel it.Make it so that it was in your mind, in all its force, without understatement.Do not run away.Only by overcoming the obstacle, you will be able to get rid of him.Angel will help you, but he can not go through life's path for you.
Imagine that the light passes through you.Feel it as you can feel the material thing.Do not think that this is impossible, just think that merges with the calm flow of light into
a coherent whole.Did you stop to realize that you are on the ground - is not terrible, so it should be.After talking to an angel, you approach God.
When you are ready to return to everyday life, say goodbye to the angels, and prepared to leave the light, try to remember their feelings.Remember that urge keeper often do not: the fact all people and sent into the world, to learn to live in it without becoming a bad and free of dirt.But everyone should learn it myself.
Do not forget that a guardian angel to help you, even if it is very difficult: become too strong longing, or, on the contrary, you get into the "maelstrom" of life and you will not have free time.Thanks to higher forces, because they have not left you need to maintain throughout life.And in general, it should be remembered that the guardian angel is always there, regardless of whether you see it or not.
One last thing to keep in mind: it does not matter whether you are looking to protect an angel or want advice, the main thing - to believe that it will help you.Without it, nothing happens.