Why were selected willow branches?The fact is that in these days the kidneys burst, bloom soft fluffy lumps.Willow branches in such a way as if symbolizing the imminent arrival of spring.Although most of Russia at this time is still snow, annoying long winter like not going to back down, but once the tree buds burst, then, on the threshold of spring, life goes on.In addition, fan willow branches simply very beautiful.
What is the main point of this holiday?The Savior went to Jerusalem to fulfill its lofty mission, which eventually led him to the torment of the cross and death for the entire human race.Therefore, on Palm Sunday Christians must once again with humility and gratitude to address thoughts to the Lord, sincerely repent of their sins, ask Him to bestow patience on the last, the most severe week of Lent - Holy.
Yes, Palm Sunday noted towards the end of Lent, as if recalling that will soon come on Easter.Immediately afterwards there will come that same Holy Week, when the post must be particularly strict.But on Palm Sunday fasting Christians allowed some relaxation, for example, you can eat fish and wine.
In the old days with the willow branches were connected many signs and customs.For example, returning to their church sanctified branches, master flips them all their relatives - it was thought that it will save from the disease, the evil eye and other troubles.The same procedures are often subjected to and the livestock.For a long time was a sign of the enduring that if a woman is infertile, eat a few "earrings" with the consecrated willow twigs, then it is sure to become pregnant soon.