you need
  • Unnecessary things in satisfactory condition, a passport.
First you need to choose a pawnshop, where will refer unnecessary things.Be sure to call back and find out when you can come to putting things.Some stores acceptance of things made on certain days or hours.
Before you pack up that decided to give on sale in the pawnshop, you need to put them in order.If it's clothes or shoes - inspect for stains, loose joints, holes, and the lack of buttons.Try to remove all these defects as possible.Shoes and clothes must be clean.Of great importance is the seasonality.If it is summer, most likely, a fur coat and boots would not take the sale, and will be asked to come to them closer to winter.If

Lending appliances or equipment, check its c
ondition and make sure the instruction if it is preserved.
Gently fold the clothes in the bags.If you give big-ticket items, it is necessary to solve the problem with the delivery, and porters.Usually to the commission no service delivery.Be sure to take your passport, it will need to sign the agreement (or agreements).
Goods store will examine things and appreciate them.You can join with him in a discussion and asking for more, but it is usually better to store it knows at what price this or that thing can sell.Most commission shops in 20 days takes place the first devaluation of unsold items, its cost is reduced by 20%.After a further 20 days - by 10%.If at that time did not sell a thing, it is reduced to the minimum possible.
After evaluating your belongings agreement drawn up in two copies that you sign.The store will take for their services 30-40% of the item sold.After the sale will call you, but you can call yourself periodically and interested in the fate of your belongings.The money for the goods that are sold, have to pay not later than three days from the date of sale.If your thing deteriorate or lose, the store must compensate its cost.