first examine the legal framework.The Constitution of the Russian Federation classifies appeal to the local government for the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.This means that you can send a letter to the administration of the city.Officials are obliged to consider and respond to the questions posed.Using the letters of citizens defined by the Federal Law of May 2, 2006 N 59-FZ "On the order of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation."
In the letter, you can set out suggestions for improving life in the city, to make a statement about the shortcomings in the administration, as well as make a complaint of a violation of your rights and ask for assistance in resolving the situat
text of the letter is to be literate, logical, coherent and well-formed.Use standard white A4 paper.If you can not type text, write neat handwriting.Remember that the law allows not to consider applications which can not be read because of the spots, blurriness and promiscuity letters.
in the top right corner of the page, you must specify:

- official post in the dative with a capital letter, such as "Head of the City Administration M" or "head of the department of education of the city administration Mikhail"

- surname and initials of the person in the dative with a capital letter, such as "Ivanov IIĀ»,

- your own name, patronymic in the genitive case, the address of the actual residence, the addresses of registration, contact phoneFor example, "Petrova Anna Ivanovna, who lives at the address: M Street.A, 1, kv.1 by writing to the address: M ul.A, 1, kv.2 Telephone: 00-00-000. "

Each line starts from the middle of the sheet.
You can also apply on behalf of the team, then instead of personal data, specify the name and address of the organization.
then retreated a few lines and write in the middle of the sheet of your treatment: applications, appeals, collective appeal, etc.
further describe the free-form nature of your problem or suggestion.List all the facts known to you.Ask what you take actions which you have already addressed on this issue and what responses were received.If possible, attach copies of documents confirming your statement.At the end of the sign, date.Signatures can be a little, if you are applying on behalf of the staff (from the residents of the house, members of the organization, etc.).
Aim letter notifying mail to the city administration or the administration of the body to which you are applying.You can also take it in person to the reception or office.
Within three days your letter should be registered in the accounting system of incoming documents.He was given a specific number that you can learn on the phone in the office.Treatment may be under consideration by the city administration within 30 days from the date of registration.After this period, you at the address indicated in the letter, will go back.