you need
  • - phone;
  • - internet;
  • - money.
Despite the fact that we do not always remember where and when violated, under any circumstances, we were fined, do not leave the matter unattended.Most often, fines are issued for offenses in traffic.In this case, contact the traffic police, give the inspectors of the documents - VAT number or driver's license number.Looking on the basis of the information will be reflected on all administrative fines traffic police, avai
lable today.
If this option does not suit you, call the bailiffs at his residence, their work schedule and in due time receive visit this instance.They have the most complete information about all of your administrative offense x - bailiffs can provide it in the form of printouts.After that, head to the nearest bank, fill out the required receipts and pay fines.
Remember that fines for administrative violations not always issued directly by the inspectors on the road, a large number of special cameras fixes them automatically by the camera and video.And then formed the receipt of payment of fines for the offense produced, are sent to the address of residence motorist.If your address registration and actual place of residence are not the same, good enough to independently verify the presence of fines in the traffic police.
Have on hand a passport and TIN to fill certain graph.Currently, citizens greatly simplified the system by which you can learn about their administrative offense 's.Enough presence at home or work on the Internet.Go to the site or on the official website of your regional or district inspection, in the section "online service", enter your personal information and get the information you need on all your accrued fines.Print auto-generated receipts and pay them into the bank.