Take a tonal basis, the tone of which is darker than your natural skin color.Put it on the upper part of the forehead and the lower part of the chin.Good blend using powder.Clear boundaries between tones should not be, should observe a smooth transition.This procedure is slightly shorten face .
Then take a light powder.Put it in the direction from the cheeks to the ears.Thus, you do face wider and closer to a circular shape.
Take blush.Use the old-fashioned way: pull your cheeks and in the area where formed cheekbones, apply blush the two oblique lines.Well they blend well.
To make circular sunken cheeks in a circular motion, apply a tonal basis lighter shade.Then powder the well using loose powder and blend.
Even more rounded person can help shape the eyebrows.If you have an elongated face , choose a line shape.It is not only round the face , but also make it more feminine features and soft.If face have a square shape, it is better to give preference to a pointed shape.
If you want your face visually seemed rounder, change her hairstyle.For example, smooth fringe combed in a ponytail or hair much roundness face .Also, the desired result can be achieved if you make the hair parted on the side.A parting in the middle of the head will do the opposite face more elongated.Cut the hair in such a way that they had to shoulder length, and at the level of the cheeks, they were magnificent.If you are the owner of curls, then do haircut medium length.In this side Lay the hair, lifting them slightly above the forehead.If your hair is straight, the perfect option for you will be the strands at the cheeks.At the same time Lay bangs to the side a little, so she hid the forehead.These techniques also help visually rounded face .
not forget about accessories.For example, a well-chosen points to help visually adjust face .To round it, choose a large square glasses.From the "droplets" and narrow glasses should be abandoned.Baseball cap with a visor, hiding part of his forehead, and round hats also able to round face .