Professional makeup artists know that with the help of foundation can hide many flaws.This method is used by almost all women.If you want to visually reduce the cheekbones, apply them darker foundation.If your face is square in shape, apply a darker foundation just below the cheekbones, shading his cheeks.
If you are the owner faces high cheekbones, apply foundation golden shades, covering it from top to lighter correction paint.Forehead cover lighter shade of rouge and the areas under the chin and over the jaw bone - darker.Put a little blush under the eyes and cheeks, then blend thoroughly.Light powder powder the lower part of the face and forehead, cheekbones and temples - dark.
Women who have high cheekbones and the chin is narrow
, you can visually distract attention from the contrast with the help of hair.Wear a side parting bangs and light, make a pony, it visually extends the face.Those who wear the haircut, it is recommended to tighten the hair inside, thus hiding the cheekbones and small chin balanced.But from the thick short bangs should be abandoned, cheekbones are more evident.Smooth hair with hair combed behind his ears and is not suitable for people with high cheekbones.
Those who face a diamond shape, it is advisable to wear straight hair.They are long, thick bangs.Make the front strands of the ladder, it is also a good reception, but it is not necessary to add volume.
In case of an emergency, you can go to a surgeon, but one must understand that this is a very painful and complicated operation.Surgeons perform displacement cheekbones and reduce their side, "spilivaya" bone.The whole operation takes place under anesthesia, and the result is seen not earlier than 6 months.