you need
  • - phone;
  • - a computer with Internet access;
  • - passport.
Learn amount owed directly to the housing department (municipal housing management) - the organization that serves your home.Call the institution, name your address and name.Experts quickly inform you about the debt.Find phone housing department and other institutions providing public services to you (suppliers of electricity, water, gas) - not a problem.They are in local telephone directories, as well as information boards and web sites.
Another, more modern way of finding relevant information - the Internet.Of course, not every Russian citizen has the opportunity and skills to find
out about the amount of debt through the World Wide Web, but if scientific progress and got to you, why do not they use it?Residents of Moscow, for example, was lucky.They are the sum of their debt may find out by visiting the website of "Bank of Moscow" in the section "RentsĀ» ( the code in the required fields of the payer and the payment period, and the system will soon show whether you have a duty and for what period.
Muscovites also lucky with the calculations for the electricity and telephone.Get information about the first service by sending phone "Moskenergosbyta" SMS.And to find out the debts for the phone, you need to visit the site MGTS.For this pre-open it in "My Account": refer to the employees of the company and they give you a password to enter the office where the login will your phone number.
situation in the region with the search for debt for utilities is more complicated.But it is possible that local offices still provided some simplified procedures for the provision of information.In any case, when a large amount of debt required to put you notify the appropriate letter.