Wide nose .Apply a light color on the pen nose Itza and back nose and wings nose and should be a half-tone darker.
Long nose .Apply to re nose Itza light tone, and the tip of the nose and darken the tone means a semitone darker.
Big nose .Apply concealer semitone darker colored skin.
aquiline nose.Correct nose , visually straightened hump help parallel lines on both sides of a half-tone darker than the main color.The distance between the lines affected by the width of the back of the nose and - the closer, the thinner will appear nose .Further back nose a need to clarify a semitone.It is important to remember that the border lines between tones should not be evident, careful shading, but also need to be careful here, becauseborder should be slightly visible.
few general rules: Bold shine on the nose have greatly attracts attention.Fix this problem will help ordinary compact powder.It is best to use transparent, becauseit does not close all the efforts for the visual correction and nose.
also to divert attention from the nose and creating make-up, you need to focus on the big eyes - then in the proportions of the face will be a certain balance.
facial proportions are violated, if some parts are small flaws.If the upper lip is thin, the nose will seem longer than the nose mask , better adjust the upper lip, visually enlarge it with a contour pencil and lip gloss.Lip Gloss gives your lips volume visually, and a pencil will help give the shape of the lips, which is like, it should be used only light shades.