you need
  • - computer,
  • - Internet,
  • - database on residents,
  • - phone,
  • - contact information of the city archives,
  • - passport.
Find the right you city all local portals and free classifieds.And place it on the message wanted man.Promise reward.Even if it will be symbolic, people will more readily share information with you.
Look for the database on the inhabitants of this city on the Internet.This information is distributed charge and, as a rule, it is not quite legal.Suitable base as the personal information of subscribers of mobile and landline and identification plate.
Apply to the police.Especially if we are talking about a loved one, child support, or about any offense.In its law enfo
rcement investigation techniques people.And do not neglect them.
Contact the city archives to clarify where you wanted the man studied or worked in the city .As a rule, the application can be submitted not only personally, but also via mail or the Internet.Service of archives paid.As it is necessary to submit a request to the organization, visit the website or by phone.Do not forget to specify other conditions of service: time, cost, the possibility of photographing or photocopying documents you need.
See who you and in this city .Refer to them for help, for any further information.Perhaps desired people are moved, and you're looking for is not there.Help may not only people, but also the organizations with which he was dealing.For example, records of the school site is online, you can find out what your former classmate has been living in Turkey.
Find out with the help of city phones help those organizations, where he studied and worked as wanted.Phoned to find out how to get information from them.Sometimes a question on the phone, and some organizations may require a letter or a formal request.
Go themselves known to you in the city.At the site you can find out a lot more.But before the trip is necessary to carry out preparatory work.Refine addresses and phone numbers of those who to contact.Arrange a personal meeting beforehand.Often it is face to face, you can find out what will bring you to the next.
Contact address bureau in the city .Once a passport is issued information on the place of registration of residents.If this address is your man does not live, talk to the neighbors.They can tell where to look further.
Go to the local popular newspapers and chat with reporters.If you tell a touching and dramatic story, which they then use in their publications that can help you.Journalists have their ties in various circles, including in law enforcement.