For oily skin the shade of a century and often poorly shaded spots lie.If you do make-up in the morning, most likely in the evening from your shadow do not remain, or they will gather in the folds of the century.On dry skin century pale shadows fall and constantly showered due to poor adhesion to the surface.

Whatever type of skin you do not have, there are always drawbacks.Base under the shadow easily solve all these problems.

What is the base under the shadow of

main objective of the database under the shade - to extend the durability of eye makeup.With a good base shadows are not rolled into the fold century are spread out and not showering.You can be assured that by the end of the day the eyes will look exactly the same
as in the morning.

In addition, the base under the shadow absorbs excess sebum, smoothes the surface of the century, peeling smooths.Shadow, a pencil or eyeliner applied better and richer look.

usually base contains a small amount of pigment that can easily disguise problem areas: the vessels stood out, redness or blueness due to lack of sleep.

How to choose a foundation shade

liquid base under the shadow of century moisturizes the skin, matting, but does not hide the flaws.Suitable possessor young skin without any obvious problems.

creamy base due to its texture and more pigment helps to mask redness, spots and translucent vessels.

For oily skin is best to use a gel base, it allows the skin to breathe without clogging the pores.Choose a shade base most similar to the color of your skin.

How to apply the base under the shadow of

any base is applied to dry clean eyelid.If the base powder, it must be applied with a brush.Spread the base of the lashes to the brow to her to be seen.Spills should be cleaned.

liquid or cream base can be applied by brush or your fingertips.Pat, so as not to stretch the skin of the eyelids, distribute database also from lash to brow.Remove excess can use a cotton swab or applicator.

After applying the base, close the jar to the foundation has dried and will serve you as long as possible.

If for some reason you can not buy ready-made base under shadows, replace it in several ways: to apply the shadows wet to use as a base foundation, concealer or a white pencil.The basis can also speak cream shade light shades.