you need
  • passport post office.the amount of money to pay for services
Select a location.To open a post office box, to come to the post office that is most convenient to you.It is not necessary to go to the office, which must be in accordance to your residency or place of residence, you can choose any other.
ask by e-mail application to the subscriber's mailbox.If there are empty cells, you will be given all the forms that need to be filled.With a passport, take as a post office box is made by man, whose passport data specified in the contract.Contract number - the number of the cell subscriber mailbox that you allocate.If on completing the contract you have any questions, contact your mai
l - he will advise you.
completed an agreement to pay immediately.A few days later you will put in a box with a list certified contract division head, and you will receive the keys to the box - now it's yours.The fee for a post office box is usually charged directly behind a large amount of time.You can pay for the service in advance for up to 3 years, the minimum term - six months.The amount is small.It changes from time to time, will tell you the exact amount of the post office.
Remember the time your post office.The disadvantage with the PO Box there is only one thing - you can check a box only if the postal service.
You can not start a post office box, and issue a service through which all correspondence will be sending you the address and wait for you at the post office.So you, your passport, will be able to get all the letters and newspapers.The cost of services is small.The effect of such an agreement two months, then it needs to renew.
If you are going to have a post office box, because you have in the entrance of the mailbox is broken, you can ask the post office with the application for repair or replacement.For a small fee the employee of the post office to come and fix problems with your mailbox in the entrance.