you need
  • - packaging with bundles of lashes,
  • - glue,
  • - easy to use tweezers,
  • - a small piece of foil,
  • large mirror.
Thoroughly clean and degrease the skin around the eyes.Make-up should be removed.After using the milk better rub the skin with a cotton pad moistened to milk residues and contaminants to remove all, or wash.If you are not painted, it will be enough to wash.
Put a drop of glue on the foil.You no longer need, because the glue can dry, it is best to add a little, as necessary.
Remove the beam from the package with tweezers, but
you can hand, if you prefer.Hold the beam millimeter better in two or three from the beginning of the cilia.You can practice a bit before starting the procedure.
Dip the base of the beam in the glue.If the drop has turned too big, remove unwanted tissue if small - add a little more.
Start glued beams with the outer corner of the eye.Try to be located as close to the lash line, but not the eyelashes themselves in order to avoid their loss or injury.
to press and, consequently, to fix the beam, lightly press down on the top edge of the cilia, or press it with tweezers.Do it gently, that there was no warping or twisting direction of the cilia.
next beam can be done only when the previous entrenched, so as not to damage it.Wait two or three minutes and start.
Once you get the desired effect, adjust the lash line to create the effect of naturalness.To do this, use the eyeliner or pencil Eye.Also Sgoda correction shade darker shades, which can be deposited as a line in the growth zone of the cilia.
Remove overhead cilia can use a special liquid, and cotton swabs.Contrary to popular belief, do not use to remove bundles of nail polish remover without acetone, because it can damage not only the skin around the eyes, and the eyes themselves.After removal, clean the cilia of the glue, fold in the package, and you can use them more than once.