Tip 1: How to draw the eye pencil

Liner does look more expressive and deeper, framing a clear outline and enhancing the effect of magnetism.This is the secret weapon in the ancient times women used even men.Eyeliner pencil allows you to draw a new shape of the eye, make them brighter and more, to give a person the right expression, and what a woman able to give up such opportunities.But to draw the eye pencil so that it is consistent with what was intended, it is easy can only professional makeup artist or those who have mastered the science of their own make-up perfectly.However, and this can be learned.
you need
  • Pencil eyeliner
undermine pencil, it should be sharp to create a thin line.Besides fresh cut slate provides a more accurate, uniform line width required.

conveniently located in front of the mirror with quality lighting.You do not should not interfere with the conduct of the lines at the edge of the eye, or the line is fuzzy or worse, injure eyes sharp pencil.

not rush to use eye shadow, first determ
ine what will be the line of fittings in accordance with the selected image
Put down the point of the supposed line of eyeliner.Put them in short strokes in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.Do not just spend the whole line, drawing the strokes you will be easier to correct a bad lot.

Keep the line at the edge of the lash, thinner at the inner corner, right at the beginning, gradually expanding to the outer corner of the eye.And in the end again tapering to a thin "tail", which will be easier to make an elegant, if slightly pull up the skin of the upper eyelid with your fingers.

Really strict rules eyeliner does not exist.By learning to use eye on this technology, over time, you'll be sure to use eye movement and one has mastered other techniques perform liner.

Tip 2: How to draw eyes with black pencil black pencil

great fit even for the daily make-up, and by using it, you can come up with a great many different ways to emphasize the eyes.But even such a simple tool should be able to enjoy and follow some rules.
How to draw eyes with black pencil
advantages pencil eyeliner is its simplicity, the ability to fix minor bugs, it draws well, adjusts and emphasizes the eye contour.Black pencil should be soft but well-sharpened - in this case, the line will turn out quite natural and neat.Be sure to vote and try the tester, perform the skin hands several lines.Pay attention to the way lies the pencil does not break or crumble when he applied, and try to lightly rub the line to check the resistance.
you obviously want to make sure that the eyeliner pencil you will go black.If you have enough small eyes, it is necessary to refuse from it and draw the eye soft shadows dark natural color, as black line slightly reduces the eye.Also, do not strike the eyes with black pencil, if you have very fair hair, eyebrows and eyelashes - in this case it is better to use a dark brown pencil.
If you are using shadows, they must apply and blend well immediately before applying eyeliner.Remember that after this procedure, it is desirable to have nothing to correct and adjust, as mixed with shades of eyeliner will look messy and sloppy.
If you do not use shadows, then degrease the eyelid skin soft cosmetics (eg, water-based two-phase liquid for removing eye make-up) and be sure to powder the eyelids almost transparent and light powder.This line will go very smoothly, and makeup will be held throughout the day.This is especially important because the eyes a little watery and tired almost all.
draw a clear line on the upper eyelid, trying to push the pencil as close to the lash line.This, again, is necessary in order to avoid "missing" space of your eyes and they seemed smaller.If the outer corner of your eyes as if looking down, you should thicken slightly and lift line, completing the graceful curves make up the tip.
How to sum the lower eyelid?The first line in any case should not be harsh - so please be special applicator or soft cotton swab to shade and significantly mitigate the line eyeliner.It is better if you hold a pencil vertically and carefully, stroke by stroke, draws the line the lower lashes.
Try to use eye shadow in natural light - it will help to achieve the most natural.The fact that a little dim light or wrong seems beautiful and natural, on the street and in normal daylight may seem too bright and even sloppy.
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Pencils in a housing made of wood rather than aanalogues in a plastic housing.The tree has antiseptic properties, thanks to your pencil will not become a place of refuge microbes.
Helpful Hint
Before you buy a planimetric pencil, try to make the line probe.Make sure the pencil line of medium hardness and it is a clear, uniform without discontinuities and inclusions.
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