To start, determine whether your eyes are slanted, or you it only seems.Mentally draw a horizontal line through the inner corner of the eye.If the outer corner at the same time to be a little above the line, then you really have the slanting eyes.
If you want a little fix the shape of the eyes and make them less slanted and more rounded.In that case, do the usual make-up base and make it a minor adjustment.Use two colors of shadows.Apply darker tone on the inside of the eye.A transparent light tone on the outside.For everyday makeup, use light shades of pearl shades.If you want to add a bit of their exotic originality, try to put on the lower eyelid eyeliner pencil pearl white.Also a good idea to look and gold.
Follow eyeliner, emphasizing the inner corner of the eye.On the way to the outer corner of the line should disappear.For the lower eyelids, use a soft liner.Start it from the middle of the eye and lead pencil to the outer corner.The internal angle should not be painted over.Blend eyeliner.The spot should be a little careless.This will give you the effect of a wide-eyed and slightly slanting decrease.
You do not have to be used for applying makeup dark tones.
mascara on the lashes, apply several layers.During dyeing upper lashes apply mascara on the inside, while holding the brush horizontally.
Emphasize the line of eyebrows using brown shade.
When applying evening makeup, use a sharp and precise eyeliner.This will give your look a great mystery and emphasize exotic look.Keep in mind that dark eyeliner will give you a little view of the caller.If you want to achieve a softer effect, use color from golden to brown, depending on the color of the eyes.