you need
  • internet, phone.
Determine the range of problems for which you plan to call the health inspectors.Determine the maximum amount you are willing to spend on services.Remember that not all possible problems are included in the scope of activities of SES.For example, in the sphere of control of the SES does not include the noise caused by the behavior of people, the violation of the people of peace and tranquility in the residential buildings and adjacent to the building site.For more information about what is included in the scope of health services can be found on its website.
Find Internet phones SES your neighborhood, city
, municipal district.Or address and phone the nearest branch of Rospotrebnadzor (SES currently included in its structure).For the arrival of employees of sanitary-epidemiological station, you need to pay a call.And then either call or personally visit the office.At the very least write an application and send it by mail.Better by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
dialer and decide the question, paint over the situation, tell us about all the symptoms and complaints.Typically, before the arrival of the sanitary inspector would have to wait two weeks (depending on the case and severity).For more information you orient in the Federal Service.
Consider alternatives.In addition to handling the state sanitary - epidemiological service can apply to private companies.Companies involved in the processing facilities must have a permit to carry out this type of work, license and all necessary documents.In addition, all drugs used in the disinfection must be certified, and services should be given a guarantee.The work must be carried out in accordance with sanitary norms laid down by CSES (disinfestation - SanPin disinfection - SP 3.5.1378-03 disinfestation - SanPin