Tip 1: How to make up a beautiful little eyes

Every girl wants to look attractive, and this can be achieved with the help of makeup, even if you have little expressionless eyes.It should be patient, because the skill comes with experience.You just need to learn how to use those endowed by nature than you, because we all know that there are no ugly women.
Before applying makeup to be sure to thoroughly clean the skin.Start with the eyebrows, since they give the image of femininity.Placed low brow reduce eyes , so choose a line that would blend in with the shape of the eyes and face.Eyebrows should also not be thick and wide.Tweezers carefully to shape.It's not exactly pleasant procedure, but without it you can not do.If you are fair-haired young lady, then eyebrows will likely also bright.Make them darker with paint for eyebrows and eyelashes or else use a brown pencil.
Followed by gas - rather unpleasant and frequent, so apply a thin layer on the face of foundation.Then you can proceed to the selection of shades.Make-up a
rtists are advised to girls with small eyes of opt for pearlescent shadows, but their number should be minimized as excessive shine visually reduces the size of the eye.The upper eyelid cover light shadows, a place under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye tint white.On the outer contour of the eye, apply a darker shade of color, shade them only towards the outer edge of the eye .
black or brown mascara cover the upper lashes first, then lower.Now eyeliner light brown, gray or flesh-colored coat the upper eyelid arrow.In order to visually enlarge the eyes , swipe the inner lower eyelid line of solid white or pencil.
If you narrow your eyes , then swipe arrow light pencil from the middle of the upper eyelid toward the outer corner.But at the same time it can not start on the edge of the eye , that is, it must end at the level of eyelashes.This will help visually expand eyes .For round little eyes suit narrow thin line of brown or gray shade on the upper eyelid, lead the line for the eye contour , but as close to the lashes.
make up beautifully little eyes does not difficult, you just need to become an artist and create masterpieces.

Tip 2: How to make up small eyes

too small, narrow and deep-set eyes may look blankly.Correct the situation by means of properly selected makeup.Shadow, eyeliner and mascara to make eyes more effectively, will emphasize the original incision and the brightness of the iris.
How to make up small eyes

How to increase the eye with makeup

Add brightness and expressive little eyes will properly selected shade of shadow.Brown eyes will look spectacular in a frame of green shades, blue suit fashionable maroon gamma and green - copper or gold.For daytime make-up choose the complex shades of moderate intensity, shading them around the upper eyelid.The same color can be summed and lower eyelids.Soft, wide enough to visually increase the line of the eye.

Use single shade or sets of three colors.Lightest applied under the eyebrow, visually lifting her average paint over the mobile eyelid and the darkest sum ciliary edge and darken the outer corner.To increase the use of cream eye shadow or funds with tiny sparkles - they will make your eyes bigger and more expressive.

universal version - white pencil.They can emphasize the mucosa of the eyes - this will make fresh proteins and increase the brightness of the iris.Choose waterproof pencils with mother of pearl particles - made them hold on longer lines.White liner suitable for any version of make-up and a variety of shades of shadows. Do not let the inner eyelid black pencil.This method reduces the eye and give a look stiffness.

emphasize the original incision

small narrow eyes, you can not expand, but rather to emphasize their unusual pattern.Do this by using dark eyeliner cream.Type it into the brush and draw her upper and lower eyelids, keeping close to the lash line.Then blend the line and add another color - eyeliner should cover all mobile eyelid.The line can be left clear or shaded it, achieving the effect of smoky makeup. Summing eyes fill mezhresnichnoe space, leaving no gaps, or makeup will look sloppy.

Finish image through the extension velvety-black mascara.The lower lashes to paint is not necessary.But at the top, you can apply two coats of mascara, combing the hair thoroughly to prevent the formation of lumps.

Tricks for beautiful eyes

make the eyes appear more lashes before painting should be curled.Hold it between the plates of forceps and secure for a few seconds.You can then make up the volume or curls hair mascara.Be sure to apply it on the short cilia around the eyes.For evening make-up in the outer corners of the eyes can be stuck on a pair of bundles of artificial eyelashes.

area under the eye corrector zaretushiruyte soft cream that hide bruises, redness and fine lines.Carefully blend it and then powder the.Smooth and smooth skin make more well-groomed face, and his eyes will look more expressive.
black color visually reduces, so never use black eyeliner, eye shadow or eyeliner.
Helpful Hint
curls lashes tweezers if they grow straight, it you are visually "open" the eyes.
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