KarandashEto the most common means for coloring eyebrows.Pencil should be perfectly podtochennaya, color is better to get close enough to the natural color of hair, but a little darker.A little trick: before applying makeup hold a pencil in the freezer, then the line will be thinner and more elegant.To look natural makeup, draw only short dashes in places where hair is missing.Then, align the special brush eyebrows and fix them gel.Likewise, acting and painting eyebrows with a brush and mascara.
TeniEsli your eyebrows have a beautiful shape and quite thick, but slightly pale, lack of easy to fix with the help of special shades.They should be applied with a brush to the hair without affecting the skin.Shadows make the color more intense an
d eyebrows even.As for color, brunettes stylists recommend choosing dark brown or black shadow brown hair - ash, brown and red hair - shades from beige to brown.
KraskaEtot option is necessary in cases where correction is required not only form but also color the eyebrows, for example, the appearance of gray hairs.Carry out the procedure, you can color in the salon or at home.When choosing paint, guided by the color of hair and eyes and skin shades.Mix it directly before painting, carefully following the instructions.On the skin around the eyebrows, apply a pre-fat cream or zinc ointment.Carefully apply the paint, leave it for 5-10 minutes, then remove with a cotton swab and rinse eyebrows warm water and soap.
Permanent makiyazhS Use this procedure to permanently get rid of the need to tint eyebrows , which is especially important for rare and light eyebrows.If you decide to make a permanent make-up, responsible Treat selection cosmetologist sinceunsuccessful cases are not uncommon, and the result is you have to "carry" from 3 to 5 years.