you need
  • - filled in duplicate application form;
  • - internal passport and copies of all pages that contain any of the information;
  • - receipt confirming payment of the fee;
  • - old passport (if any);
  • - military card (for men);
  • - 4 photo 3,5x4,5 (passport the old model);
  • - a copy of employment record, certified by the workplace.
The official website of the Federal Migration Service, you can download an application form, questionnaire, which should be completed without errors and corrections.Questionnaires for the passport of the old sample taken in manuscript form (filled necessarily black paste) and printed on a computer.Applications for biom
etric passport should be issued through technical means.
Reassure your completed application in the workplace.Also, do not forget to reassure and a copy of the work book.If you are a student, the signature on your application form has to put the head of the institution.Citizens who do not study and do not work, the statement is not required to certify.
Remember that all certified profile is valid for ten days, during this period, you must apply to the Federal Migration Service.
state duty payment to the bank account indicated on the official website of the Federal Migration Service.Also, the account number can be found in your nearest division Migration Service.The amount of tax depends on what you plan to get a passport.Also, there are special prices for minors.
Ready documents must be submitted to your local branch of the FMS:

- st.Frunze, 20;

- st.Ural, 70a;

- st.Civil, 4;

- st.Sailors, 8b;

- st.The Union, 25;

- st.Krylov, 2;

- st.East, 160.
When applying for a biometric passport, photographs will be produced on the spot.If you passports old-style, then your pictures should be pasted on the application forms.
passport will be ready about 4 weeks, so Take care of his registration for a few months before the intended release.
In some cases, issuing passports could be refused.The reasons for this are:

- whether you have access to classified information;

- conscription (including alternative civilian);

- evasion of obligations imposed on you by the court;

- providing false information when filing documents;

- not departure until the end of the punishment for the offense;

- pass on the criminal case as a suspect or accused (pending a decision on the case).