you need
  • - tonal basis
  • - moisturizer
  • - cotton pads
  • - pencil
  • - powder
  • - shade
  • - mascara
Black shade looks perfect on a clean face.If the skin has redness or inflammation of acne, a bright make-up is not out of the question - he further emphasize your flaws.
Align complexion suitable tonal foundation or transparent powder (best to keep to the shadows, it should be lightly powder eyelids) and then proceed to the make-up.
Move the outline with a pencil upper and lower eyelids along the lash line.Only use charcoal black pencil, or as a result of make-up will look sloppy.
Wet the area under the lower eyelids to any face cream water-based.The fact is that during the depos
ition of the shade will inevitably peel off and remove them excess so that the left eye under dark spots, no cream is extremely difficult.
Apply a dark shadow on the upper eyelid, thickening the line toward the outer corner of the eye.Try not to go beyond the area of ​​rolling century as black in itself attracts attention, it runs the risk of excess to create the effect of "dirty" make-apa.
Lightly blend dark shadows around the edges, make a seamless transition to the eyebrows air white or light beige shade.At the request of a drop of bright shades can be added to the inner corners of the eyes.Use frosted shades.
Spend a brush with black shadows along the lash line, hardly thickening it to the outer corner, which is better to raise it, "connecting" with the line of the upper eyelid.Remove excess with a cotton pad crumbled.
Prerequisite black evening makeup - thickly painted lashes.Otherwise, the view does not take vivid and bright.Use only black ink, as any other would look out of place.