to gray-green eyes suit a variety of shades of both heat and cold range.It all depends on the tone of the iris, the color of skin and hair.The warm gleam in his eyes is to support the soft moss-green, beige or chocolate shades.Cold Steel will show the shade of silvery or bluish.
Stick to the general rule - with a darker shade of eye look beautiful iridescent light shade.Transparent gray-green eyes look great framed in dark tones velvety texture.
stylish option - marine blue, entered the fashion this season.Shadows aqua can be cut around the eye or to make up eyeliner instead of only the upper eyelids.In such a frame of eyes will seem transparent, as river water.To emphasize the effect of lengthening mascara will help black
or dark brown.
gray-green eyes and beautiful framed shades in pearl tones.Choose shimmering translucent color shade chameleon playing with different colors.It is effective, for example, the shadow color of a butterfly wing or back beetle, iridescent emerald, burgundy, brown and golden hues.
You can use pastel shade of blue, mint green, lemon and lavender tones.Choose solid colors, and do not try to repeat the tone of the iris.Try to connect the two pale, contrasting colors in the same make-up.For example, all of the upper lid cover soft-gray shadows, and the inner corner of the eye and the lower eyelid select blue.
Another trendy makeup - Smoky Aes.Apply eye shadows in graphite gray colors and carefully pound them, and applicator brush.Under eyebrow can put highlight the lighter shades of pearl.For more expressive move the inner eyelid is black or dark gray waterproof pencil.
If you prefer a cream shade, make a trendy makeup in mono trendy gray-brown color.Paint the shadows all the upper eyelid and gently rub the applicator border to become softer, but kept clear.Lower eyelid move in the same color, or underline its shades of color bronze.
8 pm to pick up the shadows with Shimmer - they will make more visible and ignite a spark in his eyes.Warm green shades suit golden sequins, cold gray-green - silver or mother of pearl.
Matt afternoon shade is easy to turn into a sparkling evening.Cover the eyelids cream or gel shadows of the base color - for example, pearly gray.On top of a flat brush, apply a dry silvery sequins.Eyelashes emphasize coal-black ink.This makeup will add a dim gray-green eyes shine and make them mysterious and alluring.