Visually modify your external data base will help you to tone or powder.Funds will be required darker or lighter than your usual shade.Performing make-up correction of the nose, carefully shaded all transitions from tone to tone: clear lines will look very messy.Prepare your skin for makeup the way you always do it: Apply a light day cream or a special base for make-up, apply the basic tone of the entire face and ... proceed to the correction.
To make a long story visually snook, you need to make it wider.Apply a lighter tone of the nose and under the tip - darker.If you do not have a lighter tone, simply apply a darker foundation or powder on the tip of the nose.Correc
t upturned can be the same way.Only the wings of the nose make even darker, and the tip of the nose to highlight peach color.

in need of correction and thin nose.Usually it looks too sharp.To make it smoother line, apply a lighter tone on the line from the nose to the tip and on the sides of the nose, apply a darker tone.

Correct aquiline nose by adding a dark color under the tip of the nose.Also make emphasis on the eyes, soften their appearance.This will avoid the appearance of predatory.

Apply on the sides of the nose darker tone, and the tip and the partition between the nostrils - light to visually lengthen a short nose.
Make a nose will have a darker tone caused the sides of the nose.To enhance the effect, apply a light tone stripe from the nose to the tip.Visually, you can fix and bump.To do this, apply a lighter shade on the bridge or powder with the effect of flicker.

paying attention and nasolabial folds.After all, they can ruin the best makeup.To hide this defect, lighten the plot of the nasolabial fold and the side - to the wings of the nose.Apply a light concealer to drive in motion, after not shaded.