most common is the 13-digit bar code, but along with it encountered a 12-digit, which is actively used in the United States and Canada.In addition, there are short 8-digit codes - they are characteristic of large products and are quite acceptable.For information about the country of origin at the beginning of encrypted code - in the first two or three digits.Lists of bar codes of various countries can be found in the public domain on the Internet, but you can remember the codes of producers whose products are frequently exported to our country.
Barcode goods produced in the US or Canada, should start with numb
ers that fall in the range from 000 to 139. The French products have a bar code starting with numbers 300-379.Goods from Germany can be calculated from the initial digits of a barcode, falling in the interval from 400 to 440. A bar code 450-459, and 49 belongs to Japanese goods, and bar code starting with numbers 460-469, suggests thatproduct is produced in our country.
Barcode of goods from Ukraine begins with a combination of numbers 482 and Belarusian products encrypted code 481. The bar codes of items produced in the UK and Northern Ireland to begin with the number 50 (500-509), andNorwegian products labeled number 70 (700-709).Bar codes of products manufactured in China, should start with the number 69 (690-695).Bar codes, combinations of numbers starting with 977, 978 and 979 must belong to periodicals, books and notes.This group of products producer country is not specified.
In the case of discrepancies in the information from the bar code declared producing country, not in a hurry to sound the alarm, and carefully read the packaging.Perhaps this product was manufactured in one of the subsidiaries of the main manufacturers located in another state.It is also possible, in which the founders of the company are companies from several states, and the barcode indicated only one of them.