choose suitable makeup

liner inner eyelid is suitable not any cosmetics.Powder or liquid shadows, liners, automatic water-based gel and cream eyeliner can cause irritation and are used only for rolling century, or emphasize the outline of the lower lashes.Beauty powdery pencil does not cause discomfort, but quickly erased.Ideal - waterproof pencils.They can be honed or automatic.The palette of these funds is quite wide, varied and texture - matte, metallic, pearlescent.

very interesting product - natural antimony.It is sold in the form of a paste or a solid stick, which can be supplied to the eye without fear harm them.Antimony is used as shadow and highlight its inner lid.The tool not only does not harm y
our eyes - it treats irritation and purifies proteins.The only negative - antimony quickly smeared.Make-up using it, constantly monitor him in the mirror and be ready for quick correction.Natural

means may not only be a paste and the powder.It is on the basis of the same antimony.The agent can have different shades - from velvety black to golden.Apply the powder with a thin plastic wand.Liner keeps for a long time, it does not spread and does not irritate eyes.

Terms liner inner eyelid

Liner mucosa - the final element of make-up.You must first apply foundation and shadow, then run the liner upper and lower eyelids.After that comes the turn of the mucosa.For evening makeup, use dark or bright colors during the day will be more appropriate pearl white eyeliner.It enlarges the eyes, the proteins become cleaner and iris - brighter.

Start from the middle of the inner liner of the century, leading rod pencil or stick to the outside corner of the eye.Open your eyes wider, lower eyelid hold with his left hand.Keep a pencil with a slight slope - so it is a movement to paint over the entire surface of the inner eyelid.Draw a line, it will continue to the inner corner of the eye.If necessary, an arrow can be carried out again.

Make sure that the pencil is sharpened well.However, the lead should not scratch the skin - before eyeliner Try it on hand.Try not to get a pencil in the eye - sudden tears ruin your makeup.