you need
  • - computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - BIN organization
To start specify what information is known about the organization.BIN - a registration number of a legal entity, a required element for any company, regardless of the direction of its activities.It consists of 13 digits, each of which carries a certain information.Decrypts them necessarily useful information for the average user may only carry the 4 th and 5 th sign - serial number of the subject of the Russian Federation on the territory of which the organization was registered.
Go online and type in the addre
ss bar of your browser specialized resources, the authenticity of the information which can not be doubted.These include:
• Official website of the Federal Tax Service (form search -;
• SPARK (form search -;
• SCREEN (form search -, valid only for the subscribers of the system).
Enter in the appropriate line of BIN.If possible, fill, and other known details: name, legal form, seat of (city or region of the legal address of registration, which usually coincides with the actual), the name of Director General (document).
Click "Search" and the system will automatically give options.Look at them and determine which of them is true.If the search fails to find the right company, then again double-check your entries.Did you make a mistake somewhere.If you doubt the spelling BIN, you can experiment with the name of the organization.For example, write it in the form of abbreviations or to use a permutation of words and phrases.