Corals for everyday life: choose a dress makeover

bright dress does not have to be a holiday.Coral beautify your outfit on weekdays.This may be a long dress in the folk style, sexy and stylish outdoor sundress dress case.From which option you choose depends on your makeup.

On weekdays, it is not necessary to strengthen the emphasis on the person.It is enough to lightly mark the eyes and lips, tidy eyebrows and even out skin tone.To create a beautiful and healthy complexion choose a liquid agent - toning lotion or fluid.Apply it with a sponge all over the face and upper neck.For light skin needs cream shades of porcelain to take tanned light golden tone. Discard the foundation with a
gray or pink midtone.Against the background of warm coral color dress face looks painful.

For the lips, choose neutral shades translucent lipstick or gloss.Coral along fashionable suit orange lipstick, but it must be applied very thin layer.A more versatile version - means warm golden-beige shade.Avoid lipsticks in cool shades of pink or lilac.

eyes emphasize neutral beige and brown shadows.For oily skin, dry suit crisp shadows, dry will look better with cream or liquid.Instead of black mascara, take the chocolate - it did look soft and deep.Do not forget the eyebrows - they need to be carefully comb the brush with tinted gel process or light brown shades.

Another alternative design eye - shades of salmon hue.They especially go brown-eyed brunette.Apply a shadow on the mobile eyelid and eyes seemed to burst into tears, liquid brown eyeliner emphasize the lash line.

Evening option in coral colors

evening shades can be more vivid.Pay special attention to the skin.Apply it leveling base on the basis of silicones, and put on top of a light foundation.Powdered face crumbly powder, not forgetting the neck and upper chest.This is especially important if your evening dress has a deep neckline.

Apply gold highlighter on cheekbones, bridge of the nose, collarbone and cleavage in the chest.Choose a product with small sparkles - the skin should shine, not to shine.Golden shade can be applied on the eyelids.Especially effectively looks creamy product with soft wet glow. not use pearly shades and a highlighter with silver sequins - they are not suitable to the make-up in warm colors.

Lips pick golden, reddish-beige, salmon or orange lipstick with the brilliant pigment which gives lips volume.In the center you can add a little lip gloss liquid.But do not overdo it - it should not spread beyond the outline.