you get rich and memorable make-up, if you observe a few simple sekretov.Bezuprechny complexion.Get perfect skin effect.To do this, take on arms loose powder, fluid and light beige compact powder ottenka.Melkie mask skin imperfections, causing the tone of the foundation.Redness, age spots hide using concealer.Then fingertips, apply a thin layer of fluid.Do it carefully to give the image of weightlessness and lightness.The final touch of the air layer becomes friable powder.It is perfectly suited to maintain the perfect skin tone throughout the day.In addition, you need to achieve the visual effect properly facial contours.Use different shades of powder: Apply darker tone to the places that need zamaskirovat.Otmette for yourself what all the makeup decorated in shades of pink.
Looking doll .Expressive eyes - an integral part of the image of Barbie.Emphasize on the upper eyelid lash line, using black pencil print arrow and a little smudge it.So the effect you'll get surprised doll expression eyes.
Then take a shade of pink color (can also be purple or blue) and apply to the upper eyelid.Do not forget to add a little luster to the outer corner of the eye, and then your eyes will be irresistible.Now add in the middle and the edge of your eyelashes several artificial.Touch up ink.Also, to emphasize the open look, Draw multiple cilia on the lower eyelid.
Get a fresh light color that is so doll, is not difficult.Just put on the convex part of the cheeks pale pink blush, it is better to use a large brush.The main thing - do not overdo it with color, blush must be barely noticeable and unobtrusive.
sponges.Images of the pupae are different, you can find a doll with scarlet or transparent peach lips.It all depends on your desires and style.Take advantage of special lip liner, draw a loop, and then apply lipstick.Add to juiciness bleska.Vashi little sponge saturated color will please a lot longer if you first strike lipstick on the back of his hand, and then use the brush to drag her hands on guby.Makiyazh pupa is completed, we can only ensure that theDuring the day the image was impeccable and gentle.