you need
  • Guestbook, addresses regulatory authorities, thread, glue, paper seal, seal (if any), the handle.
order of registration of the book reviews and suggestions governed by local regulations.In the absence of such, has the power to order the Ministry of Trade of the RSFSR of 28.09.1973, № 346 "On Approval of the book complaints and suggestions in retail outlets and catering."As can be seen from the regulations in the RSFSR book was « complaints tion" and its modern version for review.Find out whether taken in your area local regulations.If there is no such, relies on the order indicated above.
Buy ready book in a specialty store.Of course, you can do it from a notebook and taking out accordingly.However,
remember that the appearance of the book - it is one of the indicators of the image (its mirror).Even very neat personally designed book can not be compared with a book from the printers.On the first pages of the book reviews and suggestions should be:
• Instructions its jurisdiction
• fields for addresses and phone numbers of legal or physical entity (SP) - the owner of the book
• fields for addresses and phone numbers of regulatory organov.Esli you yourself make out Book , it is necessary to take into account.In the finished version can only specify the relevant addresses and telephone numbers.
carefully number the book reviews and suggestions , without missing sheets.The number can be put on the top right or bottom right.
Proshnuruyte book .
sealed with laces and put stamp on the junction of the seal and the book that it was impossible to open quickly.
Specify number and reassure book signature of the head.If you - an individual entrepreneur in a single person, and put the signature.If you do not print, sign and seal at the junction of the book so that it was impossible to open quickly.
assure book reviews and suggestions in any instances, as before, is not necessary.