you need
  • - Antimony;
  • - stick to apply;
  • - vegetable oil.
To use antimony, you must know what it is.Antimony - the oldest natural cosmetic and therapeutic agent for the eyes and eyebrows.It not only gives the eye mystery and emphasizes their natural beauty, but also helps to take care of their hygiene and the preservation of vision.Antimony eyeliner infants to fill their power and protect against the "evil eye."
antimony Apply oil on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid at night.This procedure contributes to maintaining visual health.Antimony has a refreshing and cleansing effect on the eye, eliminating them from painful redness, fatigue and inflamed blood vessels.Proteins eyes quickly restored and become white.Its member oli
ve and almond oils nourish the bulbs eyelashes that strengthens them and provides growth.
Please note that your consistency of antimony paints are dry, oily, and polugustymi based on mutton fat.The color of the powder may be a coal-black, and purple, and even blue-white.Use a pencil-antimony with the addition of oils you get the additional effect of moisture and nourish the skin around the eyes.
To perform eye makeup, use pencil-antimony.If you have previously used the eyeliner, it will not take much of your time and effort.Antimony gently rests on the eyelids, which allows to experiment with make-up and find your individual image.Eyes, penciled antimony look very expressive!
To properly applied dry or oily antimony, prepare a special wooden stick with a thin rounded tip.There may be a few sticks, if you decide to use a different tone coloring agents.Lower rod for two days about half of any vegetable oil.Then pat her napkin.Now stick is ready for use.Later wash it often is not necessary.But if you accidentally drop it or heavily soiled, after cleaning is required to repeat the preparatory procedure to paint a beautiful lay flat layer.
Antimony is typically packaged in miniature bottles.Put it in the prepared stick and gently shake off excess particles to escape her shedding when applying makeup.Further, the procedure of application circuits for ever is no different from applying eyeliner.Try to spend smooth soft line on the upper and lower eyelid along the edge to the lash line, slightly adjusting the shape of the eyes, if necessary.Clearly identify the outer corner of the eye.
Wet end of the stick with water before dipping it into antimony, if you want to get a more clear and vivid contour line.To adjust the line eyebrows, draw a stick between hairs and gently blend.For this purpose, more suitable antimony powder.
Do not worry if after applying the paint you feel a slight tingling sensation in the eye for a few seconds.It's just confirms its natural healing properties.Excess powder can be collected in the corners of the eyes, it should be carefully removed.
Antimony is easily washed off by any means for removing makeup.However, it can withstand rain and snow.