you need
  • passport, certificate of source of income, birth certificate
To get citizenship the Republic of Belarus, you need to continuously reside in its territory7 years.Observe the laws of the country, there have a legitimate source of income and to know one of the state languages ​​to the extent necessary for communication.
If you already have citizenship of another country, it is necessary to abandon it, the possibility of dual citizenship is not granted.
If all conditions are met by you, you can apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus with the application for citizenship.This will need to collect the following documents: a completed application form, curriculum vitae, a copy of an identity document, a copy of a birth certificate,
a document proving that the source of existence, proof of residence indicating the composition of the family.May require other documents, a complete list (and the list of reasons for rejection of the application), please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Belarus.
assesses whether a sufficient degree you own one of the state languages ​​(Russian, Belarusian) is an employee of the internal affairs, to receive documents.
Special conditions of admission to citizenship - people who reside in the territory of the country and were born or lived in Belarus up to November 12, 1991.
In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus site outlines the nuances of the acquisition of citizenship by refugees, stateless persons, as well as children whose parents already have Belarusian citizenship .