Tip 1: How to apply blush on the long face

Blush - is not only a great way to quickly freshen up the face , make it younger and more rested, but also an effective tool for the correction of its shape.With broad face rouge can be visually narrow and give it a more sophisticated look, but elongated, thin to make a more proportional and harmonious.It is only important to know how to properly select and apply blush depending on the type of entity.
you need
  • - dry or oily paint in various shades;
  • - mirror;
  • - Brush for drawing and shading;
  • - cotton swabs or drives to correct.
task of any make-up is not only to give the skin a well-groomed, a fresh new look, but also to correct facial features, making it more correct to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of disguise.Blush to a greater extent than any other cosmetics, let you visually change the facial features, giving them a different form.
Usually owners elongated, sharply characterized by a longish face and prominent cheekbones, sunken cheeks, giving thei
r owner a tired, haggard look.Long chin, high forehead only further aggravate the overall impression.However, using different shades of blush can effectively correct this deficiency and create the appearance of proper facial contours.
any makeup you should always start with a daily application of nourishing cream, so-called "base".Its main purpose - to protect the skin from external influences and to create a level base for makeup.The next step is to apply foundation, which should even out the skin and give it a smooth, beautiful color.
Once the foundation is completely done, you can proceed to the visual correction of the face with blush.The main task for the elongated thin face is a visual reduction in the forehead and chin and giving small rounded cheeks.To do less noticeable high and wide forehead, apply a little blush tones of dry darker hairline and temporal regions.Just do not overdo it - blush should not be evident.
Adjust long chin possible using dry blush warm peach or beige.If the skin is tanned enough, you can use a bronzer.Put a little blush on the most protruding part of the chin and blend them thoroughly with a brush.Cheekbones and cheeks blush is necessary to cover the lighter colors from pale pink to peach.Apply blush should be first on the central part of the cheeks, gradually rising to the cheeks and temples.If you prefer to use fatty tint blush, the sequence of actions will be the same.But in this case you need to use less of blush and ensure that they do not create the impression painted nesting dolls.

Tip 2: How to apply blush

In order to properly apply blush required to pinpoint the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.
How to apply blush

For example, a person with little cheeks should be emphasized cheekbones, thus adding clarity face.It is necessary to involve the cheeks, and apply blush on the line running under the cheekbones, directing the brush up to your ear.

Good compact blush give the face a natural look, they use a wide fluffy brush.Crisp blush need a good dexterity: a brush dipped in paint, then shaken off any excess.Then they can be put on the face.It is very popular in the form of rouge balls.Of particular interest are models with different shades of balls.Their volume is applied with a wide brush on the cheeks, forehead, chin, thus giving the contours of the face beautiful.

Blush creamy type required for dry skin - they give a beautiful shine and are perfect for evening shimmering makeup.Cream blush applied with your fingertips, then sharp movements shaded on the desired area.Excess can be removed with conventional cotton discs.

To smooth the angularity of face shapes, lines, resembling a cheekbone, not carried out - blush should be applied directly on the cheek, and the bar should be fairly wide and traffic is almost horizontal.

For pear-shaped face, it is desirable to obscure the lower part of the cheeks.Blush applied practically vertical movements, starting from the level of the chin toward the ear, creating a new beautiful face contour.

winner of the general shape of the face fit cheeks like nesting dolls - they attract the eye to the center.Smile and apply blush pink or peach tones on knobby projections.You should not apply too bright or dark shades of blush, allowed only subtle shades and shimmering light shine.

To adjust the shape of the face perfectly suited blush natural colors (bronze or gold), to add a fresh take pink shades.Blush pink tones do not have to go abroad for the eyes - your face will take a painful look.For everyday use, try to trim matte blush, for evening makeup perfectly suited blush with a radiant effect.

Apply blush preferably in daylight.It is necessary to shade them exactly fit the gamut of your makeup.Pink hue refers to a range of cold, brown to warm.