form filled on a single sheet on both sides.On the first page, you must specify your surname, name and patronymic in the nominative case.Next, write a date of birth: the number of digits, and the name of the month - in words.
In the next section write the name of the country of which you are.To specify the place of birth on the form has a few lines.You need to fill in those that suit you.Write the name of the Republic / Territory / region or district opposite the appropriate line.Then select the area and the city or village.
In the seventh paragraph emphasize the designation of sex, and in the eighth, on the contrary, cross out the unnecessary option (registration at the place of stay or residence).
Then enter directly the address whe
re you are registered, and the full name of the body that designed the registration.In addition, you must specify your passport data: passport series and number, issuing authority and date of receipt.
On the second page of items to fill much less.Here you are asked to specify the place where you come to a new address registration.If you just moved from one residence to another within the same village, then write in the appropriate column the old address.In the event that you have changed the personal data - name, first name, middle name - the old and need to write.
Finally, specify the date of the arrival sheet , the name of the month at the same time put in words.In the same paragraph, there is a place for your signature.