you need
  • - last letter from the pension fund;
  • - passport;
  • - insurance certificate.
Find latest newsletter, which he sent you to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (RF Pension Fund).These letters are sent each year to all citizens who have already started their work experience, but not yet retired.You must come to a notice from your post office in the community where you are and you need to pick up relying letter.
If the letter of the PF will not come, call a fund for the community.Their list can be found on the official website of the fund.Come to the department during working hours.Present your passpor
t and the employee pension insurance certificate and let them know they would like to receive e-mail notification about your retirement account.After that, the next year you will come to these newsletters at the address that you specify as a place of residence.
receiving the letter, you should know how to read it.It contains several important figures.First, check whether it is true to the letter of notice given all your data.At the top of the letter should be your surname, name and patronymic, as well as your account number, which is an accumulation of pensions.This number must match the same indicated on your certificate of pension insurance.
letter to find information about contributions over the past year.They are divided into two parts - the n accumulative part of pensions and insurance.The first part of the fees listed in paragraph 3 of the notice (in the second - if you are an individual entrepreneur), and the second - at the end of the letter, in paragraph 15. Adding them, you get your general insurance pension contributions for the past year.
Learn their pension contributions for previous years can be from 4 (the funded part of the pension), which is called "The total amount of pension contributions transferred to the management company", and paragraph 16 (insurance part of pensions).If you add up the data in paragraphs 4, 15 and 16, you will get the total amount of pension contributions you have made over the years of work.The more they are, the higher will be your future pension.