Of course, the usual shade can not be compared with pencils and eyeliner.They have a completely different structure and less saturated color, but to make an imitation of arrows on eyes possible.Since the shade tend to slide off the skin before makeup is undesirable to use the cream.Best of all for ever apply a thin layer of powder - so the shadow will last longer.
If you shade-pencil drawing arrows difficulties you will not have.These shadows can be used as a conventional liner.If you have a shade palette or friable, have be accustomed.Using the tip of the applicator to gently apply the shadow of a thin line along the lash.To line was brighter, you need to re-apply the shade on the eyelid
or initially choose a dark color: black and dark brown will be the most advantageous.
There are several ways eyeliner.With shadows can emphasize the lash line.In this manner the eye appear visually above.If you close your eyes planted, it is best to emphasize only the top line of 1/3 starting from the outer corner.Thus it is possible to draw a bottom line and also 1/3.This type of liner extends the distance between the eyes.
To increase eye approach full stroke top line and the bottom 1/3 of starting from the outer corner.This type of liner is suitable for almost any type of eye.
For narrow eyes will approach full stroke: top and bottom.In this case it is better to use a light shade - it will give a greater effect.At full stroke, it is desirable to focus on the upper eyelid and make it a little darker.
Also, do not forget to use the shadows for their intended purpose.Put them on the entire eyelid, starting from the outer corner to the inside.Inside corner makes the light - then your eyes will appear more and more expressive.
look beautiful, with a minimum set of cosmetics, is quite real.We just need to know their strengths and emphasize them.