If you use the usual eyeliner, you need to sum eyelid solely on the lash line, otherwise the line will look rough and unnatural.Try to choose high quality soft pencils dark natural shades - brown, ebony, dark gray - and carefully shade border.Doing this is only using soft brushes and sponges.You can buy the whole set specifically for this purpose - and your makeup is flawless!
above method is great for make-up in the style of the Smoky Aes.In this case, however, you can bring lower eyelid and shadows!Shadows should be soft, not very crisp and noble dark shades.Apply them as brushes and sponges should, leaving a blurred line along the lashes.Smoky Aes makeup gives the image of mystery and mystique, and is perfect as an evening option!In this make-up very well
choose metallic shades, for example, color of wet asphalt, a dark mercury and noble bronze.
Sometimes can be summed eyelid colors custom colors - a great summer version, as well as a way to stand out at the party!In the latter case, you can unleash the imagination - and choose the most unexpected colors such as bright blue, green, orange or even white!In the latest year the make-up you can opt for the emerald-green, blue or blue shades - so you can emphasize brown or dark gray color of eyes and to give them a light greenish tint (if you chose the green color).
To hide the fatigue, make eyes shining and the view - fresh, you can use soft pearly shades (preferably pastel shades) or golden soft shadows.They should not crumble, and texture should resemble cream powder.Start eyeliner better with the inner corner of the eye, and then through the lower lashes.This method also helps to increase the fine eyes, if they think you wide open and big enough.