Tip 1: How to apply glitter eye

look unique and bright, you can not only with the dress, but also due to make-up.Inflicting forever glitter, you become more radiant and extravagant.But it is necessary to know how to make a brilliant make-up at home.
Prepare your skin.Clean it by using a special tool - scrub, lotion or tonic.Then, lubricate it with moisturizer and wait until it is well absorbed.If you have dark circles under the eyes to mask their proofreader.
on the lower and upper lids to brow, apply foundation with your finger or a special brush.After that, all carefully and gently blend.
on the basis apply a small amount of powder.Remember that shade better apply only to it, and most importantly, that they were not too much.Also, do not forget to shade transitions that there were no sharp boundaries.Thus, the sequins will look more natural.
The next step is applying makeup drawing arrows with a pencil or liquid eyeliner.Spend a neat thin line as close to the lash line.Begin to draw an ar
row from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.Optionally, the line can carry not only the top but also on the lower eyelid.
now proceed to the application of sequins.Do this by using a wet applicator.If they crumbly texture, you can attach them with glue for eyelashes.Take a small amount of glitter and gently apply them for ever from the inner edge of the eye.To enhance the brilliant effect can apply sequins and eyebrows.
If suddenly you will be too thick, dab glitter cotton swab or swab.Do not use too bright colors, they are able to visually increase the visibility of wrinkles around the eyes.
Complete the paint eyelashes mascara.In order to achieve a better effect and long-term make-up, put it in 2-3 layers.Then comb the lashes special brush to remove lumps, and tighten up on request.

Tip 2: How to apply glitter forever

The festive event or celebration always wants to look especially attractive and bright.This effect can be not only well-chosen outfit, but also a spectacular make-up with sequins.They will help to emphasize your mood and create a unique image of the charming beauties.To achieve the desired result, you can use some of the intricacies and peculiarities of applying glitter forever.They can even learn at home and apply for the respective cases.
How to apply glitter forever
you need
  • - makeup base,
  • - powder,
  • - sequins on the basis of vaseline,
  • - brush for applying foundation,
  • - applicator for applying glitter,
  • - brush shadows,
  • - matte shadow,
  • - mascara,
  • - cotton swab,
  • - aylayner.
Put on top (to the eyebrows) and lower eyelids foundation with the brush or fingertips.
Gently blend.
Apply sparingly powder.
Apply and blend shadows on the upper and lower eyelids.
Paint the lashes mascara.
Move aylaynerom lower or upper eyelid (depending on the features of the eyes).
Moisten an applicator for applying sequins.
Apply applicator sparkles, from the inner corner of the eye and along the wall of the nose.Further held under the lower eyelid.
Likewise apply sequins on the upper eyelid.
Pat sequins cotton swab, if this layer is too thick.
Since sequins themselves bright enough of the makeup, it is essential that all other means of decorative cosmetics in harmony with them.Congestion cosmetics can lead to abrupt changes and contrast.To avoid such problems, it should be carefully shade base powder and shadows.This creates a perfect backdrop for a sequin.It should not be too bright sequins to abuse, as their excessive amount of stress lines and wrinkles on the eyelids.Just do not use very bright sequins for visually prominent eyes.It is better to put a little flickering.
Helpful Hint
Sequins will look more impressive on a little dark face, which creates the perfect backdrop for the bright effect.For owners of light skin should be carefully choose a foundation and powder on one or even half tones darker.If the skin is dark or tanned enough, then you can opt for a foundation and powder of the same tone.Sequins hold out long enough, if a foundation to put the cream or gel.Dry sequins applied on the eyelids with a special glue.You can enhance the effect by applying glitter to the eyebrows.
  • sparkles in the eyes