you need
  • - receipt or bill payment letter.
forwards registered mail - by registered mail or letter with declared value - is assigned a unique mail id (special issue).He is registered in the database, mail and printed on the receipt or the receipt of payment, which are issued to the client.Through this passage of your letter easy to track.
to find the lost letter , go to the post office where you sent it, or any other mail item and ask about the fate of your letter.With a need to take a check, which is the mail identifier.In its postal employees to quickly find your letter , because at each stage of delivery mail id is brought into a single system of accounting and control of
Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Post".
Modern computer technology has made it even easier to search for information.At a special service of Russian Post is possible to learn the fate of the letter - it has delivered to the addressee or not?To do this, go to the service and enter mail id.It should be administered without brackets and spaces.
Note that of domestic mail correspondence is assigned a 14-digit identifier of the figures, where the index recorded a post office, his office number, receipt number and the check number.To keep track of international mail, enter the 13-digit number consisting of 4 letters and 9 digits printed on the receipt.Letters are capital and in the Latin alphabet, and the entire number without any spaces.
If you want to be sure that important for you to not get lost in the mail the way, draws it as registered or insured.Then you at the post office must issue a receipt with ID.During the service, of course, have to pay a little bit, but you will be much calmer.
With simple unregistered letters is more complicated.Find them virtually impossible because of the conventional mandrel-mail messages is not responsible.Although the probability of loss of the letter on the way of delivery is zero, but it may get lost in the mail box, that is outside the zone of responsibility of the post office.The registered letter is delivered against receipt to the recipient.