you need
  • -Computer and Internet;
  • -Protocol;
  • -kvitantsiya a fine.
Go to the official website of the regional traffic police and to register.Then go to "online services" where enter your personal information in your account.Now you can get the necessary information about administrative violations and penalties.This section displays all the penalties earned, paid and unpaid, as well as all non prescription decrees.
Carefully check all the columns, you do not miss important information about the status of the fine.Print your receipt for payment of the fine and contact with it in the bank cashier where you can pay the required bag, and payment can be made through the banking self-service terminals.
Check whether the penalty is automatically exchanged letters after the repayment of debt or are still displayed on the site traffic police.If it does not call for the clarification of all the nuances in the Driver's License.This is to ensure that employees have rechecked the database and manually made does not appear automatically change your data on payment of administrative fines.In case of wrong actions operatsionistki bank on this fact, refer to the special organs of consumer protection.
Note the traffic police vehicle owner sends the agenda at his residence.And if you do not live at that address, then periodically check the mail at the place of your registration, it will not miss the information on penalties.
carefully, paying the fines through the terminals, many of them charge a fee for the operation.This leads to the fact that money is not fully credited to GIBBD and a fine can not be automatically written off.Internet service show that the fine is paid only once when the money transferred to the account in full.