right to choose shade according to color eyes .Unbeaten shadow color that fits absolutely any color eyes , is gray.Since the palette of gray shades is very varied, even with just one mosaic with a 4-6 shades of gray you can make some choices makeup.
most suitable shadows for brown eyes - pale violet and chocolate.If you are brunette or dark brown hair, you also well suited and black olive shade .Red-haired and light brown-haired and quads eyes th blondes with warm skin color will be to face pistachio nuts and golden shade .But orange and pink shade for eyes should not be used.They can make hazel eyes am tired and angry look.
gray eyes th women more suited silver-gray shade with a metallic sheen and blue-gray and gray-beige shades.If you have blonde hair, you can also use lavender, purple and green shade for gray eyes .Owners dark hair and gray eyes dark blue suit and maroon shade .In general, gray eyes is neutral, so it is most suitable colors, but gray eyes th women still should avoid yellow, green and orange shades.
Top shade for blue eyes - tan, unsaturated pink, light purple, lavender and silver-gray.Blue eyes th brunettes can experiment with bright pink and blue shadows.Blondes can try to enhance the color of the eyes rich golden brown and bronze shades.If blue eyes and have a gray tint, they can emphasize the turquoise shadows.Not suitable for blue eyes am greens.
Green eyes and is better to emphasize the peach-brown, gray-beige, copper with a reddish tinge, rich purple and lilac shades.Bright green shade for green eyes use is not desirable.The only exception - the red-haired woman named green shade can be to face.Green eyes th blondes is better to use pastel shades of brown and peach, brown - silver, gold and copper shades.Pink and blue shadows owners of green eyes usually not suitable.
competent selection of shadows means not only find the right color, and texture.The most popular and common are dry shade (compact and crisp).Since no moisture dry shadows, they are stored longer.Apply and remove such shadows quite easily.For oily skin, dry shade times roll.If you have oily skin, you must first powdered eyelid, then apply dry shade .So shade hold on longer and do not roll up.If you wear contact lenses, use dry shadows is not advisable.Particles of such shades will create discomfort in contact with the cornea.
Liquid cream shade inconvenience when wearing lenses do not deliver.In addition, they are very persistent.However, they are more difficult to apply - shade dry quickly and can lie unevenly.Sometimes liquid shade accumulate in the folds of the eyelids, it looks sloppy.This effect occurs when the skin is oily, or if the age of shadows applied too much.Therefore cream shade better use if the skin is dry on the eyelids.For oily skin can use liquid shade in gel form - they are sufficiently resistant and look natural.